Standing in the ring like as thunderstruck.
The judge is shaking hands with Pasi for Miki’s BOB title,
but I don’t get it. Are we number two?
Does this mean my little bitch is the best bitch,
or am I totally misled…
At last the prize in my hand it strikes to me – this is it,
a dog-show abroad!

In January I was thinking aloud to Orvokki the breeder:
-Why don’t you ever go abroad to dog-shows.
So we could come along and see the fuzz,
what’s it like abroad.
She told- The owner of Miki has had the same plans.

The very first plans were to go to Denmark in the summer.
But Easter would be nice time to travel somewhere.
While there are three shows near each other in the Riviera
during the Easter, why not going there.
Monaco, Nice/France, San Remo/Italy that’s something.
the flight strike…flights cancelled
no dog-place for flights
no registering papers in time
and leaving Finland…
because of many troubles we missed the flight
But… with help of many friends and strangers
we left for France one day later.

Arrival at 00.00 midnight, the customs officer asked
“Cest Pit-Bull terrier?”
It’s not allowed to bring them to France.
The men only laughed to our answer- Australian terriers.
Must be joking.
At last at 02.00 I found a bed- z-z-z-sleep.


landelijk honden informatiecentrum
australische herder
nova scotia duck tolling retriever
Vakantie toerist
Zwembad Suite


On Good Friday we went to railway station,
only to hear: you’re tickets were valid only yesterday.
Let’s buy new ones.

In Monaco we were wandering around and being just tourists.
The country itself was the right size for walking with dogs.
Narrow streets near the Palace of Prince Rainier were worth seeing.
Little shops, restaurants and people.

One lady rushes out of her shop and shows us a well.
With gestures she tells: water is drinkable, give it to dogs.
How kind of her!